Hip-hop is all about stories and struggles, failures and success. The music becomes as real as the artist telling the story and the message comes across that much more intense. Self-funded and independent, Blest has been able to establish himself as one of the Southwest’s most talented and achieved artist.  With a wide range of influences from different genres and artists, Blest has been able to create a distinct style that is catching the attention of the masses.  Releasing several underground albums and mixtapes local momentum began building and his fan base has increased.

With the independent release of the single Sexy, Blest began to break new ground  breaking radio play in Los Angeles and New York. His album would eventually sell over 40,000 downloads worldwide. With the success of his first tour, The 915 Obscenity Tour, Blest has proven that he is serious about his music and he is here to stay. After being turned down by several labels Blest remains independent and reaching audiences on a global scale while remaining true to his art.